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Torie Jayne's Collections on eBay

eBay needs no introduction but as I often buy sewing materials and crafting supplies on Ebay I decided to start 'Collections by toriejayneblog'.

Collections are a great way to gather and share things on eBay you like, want, or recommend. Start a Collection to show buyers what you have for sale, or share and organise your favorite eBay finds.

I have a group of collections that I continually add to when I purchase something, or see something I like, so that you can quickly and easily see the individual items and locate the seller.

Some of my collections:
Sewing Projects featured on Torie
Pretty craft supplies
Bird Love...
Pretty pastel interiors...
Pretty Baking...
Duck Egg Blue Interiors
Garden make over

Just click the home link below and see all my collections...

I love them for...

Decorative Accessories
Decorative Accessories
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Latest label love...

Torie Jayne Design
Torie Jayne Design

Torie Jayne Design is the new brand of homeware from me Torie...

Torie Jayne Design,...