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Strawberry, Mango & Lemon Frozen Yogurt Rocket Lollies

Making your own ice lollies is fun, they taste better and they're a healthy thing to have to hand when the sun is shining bright!

I had seen lots of pretty ice lollies on Pinterest and had been wanting to have a go at making some for ages. I wanted my frozen yogurt lollies to be in stripes like the original rocket lollies so after much thought I chose a Lemon Curd West Country Yogurt, Alphonoso Mango, Papaya & Passion Fruit West Country Yogurt and a Senga Strawberry West Country Yogurt. I chose to use wooden lolly sticks instead of the handles the moulds came with as there is something magical to me about ice lollies on wooden sticks!

Gluten Free

6 lollies


Frozen Yogurt Rocket Lollies

  1. Fill the bottom of the moulds with strawberry yogurt

  2. Use the end of a spoon to push the yogurt into the mould and release any air bubbles

  3. Repeat with the mango yogurt

  4. Repeat with the lemon yogurt

  5. Push a wooden lolly stick into the yogurt

  6. Freeze for at least 2 hours, or till frozen solid

  7. When the lollies are ready to eat briefly dip the moulds in warm water and then carefully pull the lollies from the moulds.


Frozen Yogurt Rocket Lollies

  • 150g strawberry yogurt

  • 150g mango yogurt

  • 150g lemon yogurt

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