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Mini gluten free strawberry trifle

Last Christmas I made mini gluten free raspberry trifles that went down a storm, so this year I have made mini gluten free strawberry trifles. I love making desserts in mini jars, especially trifle, as everyone can have one if they want but if not, you are not left with a bit of trifle in a large bowl that has collapsed!

Gluten Free

10 Mini jars


Strawberry trifle

  1. Place an ameretti biscuit in the bottom of each jar and crush with the end of a wooden spoon until you have a flat surface

  2. Pour 1 tsp of Ameretto into each jar

  3. Place 1/2 a sliced strawberry on top of each crushed ameretti biscuit

  4. Divide freshly made jelly between the jars, place in fridge until set

  5. When jelly is set, pour cooled fresh custard over the jelly and leave to cool

  6. Whip double cream with a pinch of sugar until you get stiff peaks

  7. Fill piping bag fitted with a star nozzle with whipped double cream and pipe a star on top of each trifle

  8. Sprinkle top of each trifle with toasted almonds

  9. Keep in fridge until serving


Strawberry trifle

  • 10 amaretti biscuits (gluten free)

  • 10 tsp ameretto

  • 5 strawberries (fresh)

  • 1 pack strawberry jelly (made up as instructions)

  • 1 pint Custard (fresh)

  • 150ml double cream

  • 1 tbsp almonds (toasted, flaked)

  • 1 pinch caster sugar


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