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Hello Kitty raspberry jelly candies

This Summer I will be making my niece Molly's third birthday cake. For her first birthday, I made a pastel coloured jungle themed cake to match her gift of a jungle bench I hand-painted in pastels with matching cushion. For her second birthday, I made a cute little house cake to match all the gifts I made and gave her for her playhouse. This year she has asked for a Hello Kitty cake. I'll be making a few other Hello Kitty treats, too. In preparation I have started playing about with ideas...

After a few attempts at making fruit flavoured Hello Kitty jellies, I finally got the taste and texture right. Here's how...

Gluten Free

24 Jellies


Raspberry jelly candy

  1. Place gelatine sheets in cold water and leave for at least five minutes

  2. Place raspberry jelly cubes in a microwaveable jug

  3. Add 80ml of water

  4. Heat for approx. 1 minute

  5. Stir until completely dissolved

  6. Remove soaked gelatine sheets from bowl of water and add to dissolved raspberry jelly mix and stir till dissolved

  7. Using a pipette, carefully squeeze melted jelly mixture into Hello Kitty bows & noses

  8. Place the moulds into the fridge

  9. Add the condensed milk to the remaining melted jelly mixture and stir thoroughly till you have an even colour

  10. Remove moulds from fridge and pour jelly mixture into moulds

  11. Place in fridge overnight to set

  12. Carefully turn out Hello Kitty raspberry jellies


Raspberry jelly candy

  • 1 pack Raspberry jelly

  • 4 sheet gelatine leaf

  • 80ml water

  • 3 tbsp condensed milk

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