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Fruits of the Forest yogurt popsicles

This weekend is a bank holiday here in the UK and the start of half term, and we have many friends and family coming to visit our new home in Devon. So I have started preparing for the arrival of our guests...

First up is some simple Fruits of the Forest yogurt popsicles which are so healthy that I just had to add a smattering of chocolate flakes to.

I packaged them up in some cute "For You" bags and placed them back in the freezer, so I have them to hand whenever anyone fancies one!

Gluten Free

5 yogurt popsicles


Fruits of the Forest yogurt popsicles

  1. Fill the moulds with fruits of the forest yogurt, Use the end of a spoon to push the yogurt into the mould and release any air bubbles

  2. Push a wooden lolly stick into the yogurt, sprinkle tops with chocolate flakes

  3. Place the moulds in the freezer and freeze for several hours

  4. When the lollies are ready to eat briefly dip the moulds in warm water and then carefully pull the lollies from the moulds.

  5. I packaged my yogurt popsicles in cookie bags and placed them back in the freezer so they are ready for my guests


Fruits of the Forest yogurt popsicles

  • 500g fruits of the forest yogurt

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