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Chocolate candy house recipe

One of my nephews especially loved my Halloween chocolate bread house so I wanted to make him a gingerbread house for Christmas. As I wasn't seeing him till after Christmas I decided I would make him the house last week and give it to him this past weekend. However my oven broke at the end of last month and we haven't replaced it yet as we have to decide which one we want, size and where it will sit in our new kitchen. So as baking was out, I had to have a re-think...

A quick internet search later and I discovered Lakeland sells chocolate house moulds so I rang my nearest store to check they had one in stock which thankfully they did. Decision made, I would make him a chocolate house decorated with candy. So I purchased the house mould from Lakeland and over a 1kg of chocolate along with a bag of lollipops, chocolate beans, jelly beans and gum drops. I wanted the house to sit on a base so I made a large square bar of crispy rice mallow treat. Which I covered in white chocolate. I love how it turned out but my favourite bit is the red chocolate door that is holding back a cascade of mini chocolate beans.

For this recipe to be gluten free please ensure you use gluten free rice crispies as most rice crispy cereals contain gluten. Also that your chocolate beans are gluten free as both mini and regular sized Smarties contain gluten.

Here's how I made it...

Gluten Free

1 House


Chocolate house

  1. Start by melting 1 kg of milk chocolate in a bain marie or on a low heat in the microwave.

  2. Place both sets of moulds on a tray. Pour milk chocolate into the moulds for roofs, front, back and side of house and gingerbread man till chocolate is level with mould.

  3. Tap the tray lightly on your work surface several times to remove air bubbles from the chocolate.

  4. Sprinkle nonpareils on to chocolate inside gingerbread man.

  5. Melt red chocolate and pour in to the door mould.

  6. Tap the tray lightly on your work surface several times to remove air bubbles from the chocolate. Leave to set.

Crispy rice mallow treat

  1. Line a square tin tray with baking paper.

  2. In a large saucepan melt the butter on a low heat.

  3. Add the marshmallows to the melted butter and continue heating and stirring until the marshmallows are melted and well blended with the butter.

  4. Remove pan from heat and immediately mix in the crispy rice cereal, stir lightly so cereal is covered in marshmallow mix.

  5. Spoon the mixture in to prepared tin and press down in to the corners using the back of a buttered fork. Flatten mixture so it is level and leave to set.

  6. Remove from tray.

  7. Leave as one big slab if you are using it for the base of the chocolate candy house, or cut into squares if not and serve.

To decorate

  1. Start by laying the marshmallow crispy treat block on to your cake board.

  2. Melt 300g of white chocolate and pour on to the marshmallow crispy treat block , spread chocolate over the entire block using the back of a spoon and leave to set.

  3. Remove chocolate roofs from mould and place on your work surface so tile pattern faces upwards. Melt 100g of milk chocolate, using a small brush apply a little melted chocolate to the roof in the centre of each tile and place a mini chocolate bean on top, do this a row at a time so chocolate doesn't set before you have attached a mini chocolate bean. Leave to set.

  4. Remove chocolate house front, back and sides from mould and place on your work surface so window pattern faces upwards. Melt 100g of white chocolate, using a small brush apply a little melted chocolate to the windows Leave to set.

  5. Re-melt the remaining milk chocolate and using a brush or piping bag apply melted chocolate to the base of one side panel and position on chocolate covered crispy treat square. Prop up temporarily with a small glass. Apply melted chocolate along the base and one side of the front panel. Position against side panel. Prop up with another small glass.

  6. Apply melted chocolate to the one side and the base of the other side panel. Position against the front and prop up with another glass. Apply the melted chocolate along the base and both sides of the back panel. Position against side panels and leave to set.

  7. Remove glasses. Re-melt milk chocolate and apply to the top edges of the base and roof panels and set in position. Hold lightly in place for a few seconds or until the roof remains in place unassisted. Leave to set.

  8. Re-melt remaining milk chocolate and use it as glue to attach any other candy to the house. I painted the sides of the roof in milk chocolate and attached jelly beans. On the peak of the roof I applied milk chocolate and stuck chocolate beans in to it. On the front of the house I applied candy canes cut to size around the windows.

  9. Re-melt remaining white chocolate and use it as glue to attach any other candy to the base. I painted the sides of the base with white chocolate and stuck chocolate beans in rows in to it. I pushed lollipops into the base along the sides of the houses and dipped gum dRops in white chocolate that I applied between the lollipop sticks.

  10. If you want to add candy to the inside of the house, add it now.

  11. I built a wall of mini chocolate beans and white chocolate over the opening at the front of the house. I then fixed the red chocolate door in place using melted chocolate. I then built a pile of mini chocolate beans coming out of the front door using melted white chocolate as glue.

  12. Dust with icing sugar.


Chocolate house

Crispy rice mallow treat

  • 70g butter (unsalted)

  • 450g marshmallows

  • gluten free crispy rice cereal

To Decorate


  • Fairytale cottage mould

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