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Father's Day Hotel Chocolat Review

Later this month it is Father's day, June 18th to be precise! Finding something for my Dad get's harder and harder and when asked he always says " honestly I don't need anything" hmm, it's not about needing. So when the lovely peeps offered to send me a box of chocolates for my Dad and one for me to try I jumped at the chance. I have to follow a gluten free diet for health reasons and if you a regular reader of my blog you will know I only share gluten free recipes. So I picked the 'The Serious Dark Fix Sleekster', Our high-cocoa edit brings you the ultimate in brooding dark pralines, caramels and truffles. 30 cocoa-rich recipes."

The Serious Dark Fix Sleekster is a box of thirty chocolates from 70% Dark Cocoa Nib Nano Slab, to 70% Dark Fruit & Nut.
My favourites were the..
Going Nuts, A chunky double nut crunch in smooth melting praline, double-sealed in Supermilk chocolate for less sugar and more pure cocoa. These Piedmont
hazelnuts from Italy bring their own natural sweetness.
Marzipan Selector, The real deal. Almond-rich and succulent, sealed in 70% dark chocolate.Chilli Selector,
Praline 80%, Our darkest, most intense praline recipe, turbocharged with nibbled nuts for contrast crunch. Not for the light-hearted.
Ruby Port Truffle, A perfect match: our own ruby port in 70% dark chocolate
Hazelnut and Ginger, Spicy ginger, crunchy hazelnut, set in 70% dark chocolate.
Dark Dizzy Praline, A satisfying super-smooth melt. We use hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of northern Italy, famed for their quality and naturally sweet nutty flavours, perfect with intense dark cocoa.
Gianduja Bombe The silkiest, smoothest dark hazelnut praline made to melt in the mouth like butter
Gin Truffle, Lively and refreshing, with a huge burst of juniper and spice.

They also sent me a lovely The Old Fossil – Milk
Smooth, mellow 40% milk chocolate cast as a fossilised shell from the dinosaur era. Remind you of anyone?
"You don’t have to be a palaeontologist to enjoy the beautiful curves of an iconic fossilised ammonite shell this Father’s Day. We’ve preserved ours in velvety-smooth 40% milk chocolate so you can treat the precious fossils in your life. A perfect light-hearted gift for June 18th."

Along with the box of chocolates I reviewed they also have lots of boxes of chocolates exclusively for Father's day from THE BEER HAMPER to THE FATHER’S DAY SLEEKSTER

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