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Rose cottage side path - year one

Yesterday I shared what our house looked like when we bought it, so today I thought I would share with you how my side path looked at the end of last Summer...

After felling the diseased Pines with the help of our neighbours who were also pleased to see them come down as they had blocked light to their garden for years! I started weeding and preparing the soil with lots of compost to add nutrients back after years of neglect.

The patch of soil next to the house only had a Wisteria in it, which I want to keep and eventually train up some trellis so I left that and got rid of the rest of the weeds. I gave the black painted trim round the bottom of the house a new lick of paint to refresh it. Then the fun bit, trying out my box of Shake & Rake Purple Paradise Garden, which as the name suggests you simply shake the box and scatter the seeds then rake them into the soil. Several weeks later little seedlings started appear and then... tons of pretty flowers that filled the bed!

The verge to the right of the path needed a lot of work and I filled it as best I could with cornflowers I grew from seed, a few lavender plants and some foxgloves which seem to love it there as they have huge leaves this year, and fingers crossed will flower. In the Autumn I planted over 250 Spring bulbs in the verge and earlier this Spring I planted a few dozen Summer bulbs and lined the path with small box hedges and stones I found around the garden. I am hoping that over the next few years I am able to grow the box hedges in to a lovely neat small hedge that will frame an abundance of flowers, fingers crossed!

I will of course show you how it is all looking later this year...

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Garden path
Side path
side path - during
Exterior - before
Side path -during
Rose Cottage side path during
Rose Cottage side path during
Rose Cottage side path before
Rose Cottage side path during
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