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Rose Cottage Side Garden - Before

Good evening! I hope you are all having a good week and looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. I am looking forward to spending more time in the garden working on my side garden as I have a new makeover project coming up and am so excited to start work on it, but before I do I need to finish cutting my new borders and laying paving stones...

So this evening I wanted to share with you how our side garden looked when we first bought it. To the left were some fir trees that the owner had let grow out so that the branches were over 6ft long and very spindly ! Thankfully the neighbour who shares the trees with us had kept them at a decent height. But on our side they were taking over a lot of the garden, were growing over the greenhouse and made the garden feel very dark along the edges. The grass was very mossy and patchy, the banks were full of weeds, like stinging nettles, ouch! or rubble! So I have spent a while clearing the weeds, getting all the branches trimmed right back and pruning heavily the bushes and remaining trees that had been left to get very spindly. I promise to share with you soon how it is all looking...

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Side garden - before
Side garden wall before
Front garden before 1
Garden - Before
Rose Cottage side garden
Side garden corner before
Rose Cottage before 3
Side garden - before
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