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Rose Cottage gates painted

Today I want to share with you our newly painted gates using Ronseal Woodland colours, Wood Sage. I love the style of our gates on our newish house, but they were covered in a layer of algae, which when wet made them really slippery and not a pleasure to close at all!

So I started by scrubbing off all the bright green mildew with a bucket of warm water and a little washing up liquid until they were super clean, I then left them to fully dry out. We then removed all the hardware from the ends of the gates and gave them a coat of Ronseal Woodland colours, watching for drips around the joins etc.

For the second coat and to get behind all the hinges, we lay them flat on the floor and removed the hinges. Once we had given them a second coat and they were fully dry, we hung them back on the wall.

I love how the gates are much brighter and more welcoming, the added bonus is that they are also much more protected from the weather...

Thank you to Ronseal for providing the paint.

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Front gates painted
exterior - before
Exterior  - Before
Painted gates
exterior - before
Painted gates
Cleaning the gates
Gates - Before
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