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Rose Cottage front door makeover part one

Everything about our house was dark when we bought it, from the front door, to the Summer House, to the interior doors to the interior walls! Slowly but surely we are going round the house giving everything a lighter prettier touch.

Last year my partner gave the front door a makeover, after taking it off the hinges and removing all the hardware, he went about sanding, wood filling it, then priming it before giving it several coats of pretty blue/green paint and replacing the old battered brass hardware with new brushed steel hardware. I love how much lighter, brighter and more welcoming it feels now. I completed the new clean look by painting the doorstep black.

This year I plan to add potted plants to either side of the door and framing the door with some pretty hanging plants...

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Front door - before
Exterior during
Exterior  - Before
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