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My Summer House - Part Two

Before I go full swing in to Autumn sharing with you all the lovely inspiration out there, whipping up Autumnal bakes and getting my craft on I wanted to share with you how my Summer House looks like from the outside, almost two years from when I started it...

In my first Summer House post I shared with you how it looked it before, all dark brown, dirty, filled with cobwebs, old carpets and bits of pinned wallpaper. After giving it a good clean and painting the entire summer house inside and out with Ronseal Woodland colours, I gave the hanging basket brackets, door handle and door hold a new lick of spray paint using Plastikote outdoor spray paint and replaced the broken light with a new one, that I also spray painted a pretty lilac colour...

Since then I have added spray painted hanging baskets filled with a variety of purple and white blooms to the front brackets, pretty lace edge hanging baskets filled with violas to the side porch roof using cup hooks. Hooked pots from Tiger to the front balcony and as with my metal lace edge baskets and pots I have used duck egg blue coloured plant pots inside my pots. Spray painted metal planters, revamped terracotta plant pots and lace edge metal pots filled with violas to the front. I removed the patio stone path to the summer house and reused the patio stones to make a patio at the front of the summer house.

Rather than adding curtains or blinds I opted instead to put decorative self-adhesive lace effect window film to the inside of the door glass and the two back side windows, I have yet to decide whether to add curtains to the remaining side and front windows ?!?

To the left of the house I have planted rosemary bushes, clematis montana which I am trailing across the edge of the roof, hostas in the shady corner, with white foxgloves just in front. I have edged the flower beds with bricks ( from my old fireplace) at the same height as the patio then added topsoil and seeded grass to bring the lawn up to the same level so I am able to mow straight over the bricks. I have edged the flower beds with violas and aubretias and am planning on adding spring bulbs this year...

To the right of the summer house I trimmed back the fir trees with the help of my kind neighbour and his chain saw, whose branches were over 8ft long and protruding so far into the garden. I then added tons and tons of compost and planted hostas, white foxgloves, grasses, lupins from seed and some pretty plants Sussie Bell ( my favourite photographer) gave me and lots of spring bulbs, like purple tulips, hyacinths and bluebells. I also lined the flower beds with bricks and reseeded the lawn.

I love how it has turned out and can't wait to keep adding more plants so that the flower beds have interest all year around...

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Summer House in my garden
Hanging basket.jpg
looking through the arch
Spray painted hanging basket
Summer House After
Outside my summer house
Spray painted hanging basket
Summer House behind my herb garden
Hanging basket
Looking out my summer house
Pretty Violas
She Shed
Summerhouse inside
Hanging pot
Summer House in my garden 1
Pretty Summerhouse
Summer house during
Summer House - Before
Summer House - before
Summer House -before
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