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My hallway room before and during

You will know from last week we have nearly finished decorating our house! So today I wanted to share with you the small room that connects the cloakroom/laundry room to the dining/living room. For easiness sake I am going to call it the hallway room!

Due to British building regulations at the time, a bathroom or cloakroom with toilet cannot be positioned directly onto a lounge, dining room or kitchen. So we had to keep this small room pretty much as it was. There were built-in shelves on one side and a glass window into the kitchen on the opposite wall. We painted the ceiling, walls and woodwork white. The old door furniture was removed and architrave was added around the door and both were painted white. The built in shelves were unpainted so they were given a lick of white paint and we added a chrome rail to hang our coats on and an expanding shoe organizer to store our shoes neatly. The floor was tiled in the same cream stone tiles as the laundry/cloakroom. To hide the clutter on the shelves I made floor to ceiling curtains out of a pretty oilcloth and, as Saturday's post, turned the window into a pinboard.

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mud room before
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