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My decorated Christmas tree

Earlier today I showed you the lovely fresh Nordmann Fir Christmas tree, Creekside Christmas sent me. This afternoon I am sharing with you how it looks for now... I constantly am fiddling with it to get it just right!

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas is taking my time to decorate our Christmas tree and is always accompanied by eating mince pies and maybe a glass of bucks fizz or champagne! This year was no exception and I set aside Saturday to decorate my tree.

Last week Freddie at Amara asked me along with other bloggers, for three tips on decorating a Christmas tree, (you can see the article on the Amara blog).

Which got me thinking I should share all my Christmas Tree decorating tips I have learn't over the years, from how to hang lights to hanging ornaments. So here are my top tips:

How to Hang Tree Lights:
You will need roughly 100 lights for every foot of the trees height.
Match your Christmas fairy light wire to the colour of the tree.
Turn your Christmas fairy lights on and keep them turned on whilst you decorate your tree.

Visually split the tree into three triangles vertically and work on each triangle separately, starting at the base of the trunk start by wrapping each string of lights in and out of the branches up to the top and back down. Try to keep the wires as concealed as possible. This method ensures you get a lovely inner glow to your tree and not just an outer shell of light.

Step back from your tree and squint your eyes, look for dark or overly bright patches, rearrange the lights to get an even light throughout.
When you are happy with the placement of your lights, use florist wire to keep any unruly lights in place.

Hanging ornaments:
Try sticking to a small colour palette for a cohesive look. Ideally this should relate to or compliment the decor in the room your tree sits in.
Use a few overscaled ornaments for big impact.
Before you start, arrange your decorations by size and colour, I use my trusty trolley so they are easy to hand.
Start with the largest ornaments in one colour, hang them on tree so you get an even spread of colour. Continue by adding the medium decorations in the same colour finishing with the smaller decorations. Remember to place some slightly back into the tree, to give it a little depth. Repeat with each colour grouping so you get a lovely even tone of colour throughout the tree.
Make sure you keep stepping back to look at your work as you go.

Tomorrow I will be sharing how to make a fabric star tree topper and decorations including a discount code for online fabric store, Elephant in my Handbag on your first order.

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