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Cutting borders in my side garden

Last week I showed you how my side garden looked before I started clearing it of weeds and trimming the 6ft branches that were hanging over it. I also showed you the Plasti Kote Garden games paint I am using to mark out my new flower beds and shape my lawn. So today I wanted to show you how I used the Plasti Kote Garden Games Paint to mark out my side garden and how my side garden is looking so far...

I started by measuring out my whole garden and drawing up plans of where the house sits etc. But my house doesn't sit on a square or rectangle plot, it is very unusual in shape so as much as I tried to measure it out and draw it, I kept getting stuck. So instead I measured out the house and then used the garden paint to mark a few parallel lines with the house and then plotted and measured it using the spray painted lines as guides. Eventually I got there and drew a to scale drawing of our house sat on it's plot. Then the fun part, designing how I wanted the new lawn and flower beds to look...

Using my scaled drawing of the new flower beds, I marked out the straight lines that were parallel with the house using a couple of tent pegs and some string. Then I spray painted the lines using the Plasti Kote Garden Games spray paint. Using the spray painted lines as guides I then continued to mark out the rest of the borders. It was so much easier to do using the spray paint lines as guides.

I have started to cut out my new borders using a stainless steel lawn edger, removing enough soil to lay some old bricks from the fireplace we took out as lawn edging. As you can see from the main photo I still have a way to go, all the bricks on the left hand side have yet to be sunk in, and I still need to remove all the soil from just under the stone wall so I can lay a little patio for my new structure. I am using a spirit level to get the bricks level so I can then add top soil where necessary so that the bricks are level with the lawn making mowing the lawn super easy! Once I have finished cutting all the borders and adding the bricks I plan to plant my new borders up in a country cottage style and get my grass in tip top shape.

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Rose Cottage side garden
Side garden wall before
Discovering a hidden stone wall
Getting ready to cut new borders
Side garden - during
Spray painting new borders
Cutting new borders
Cutting garden borders
Old brick lawn edging
Front garden before 1
Weed fabric laid
Front side garden during
Marking new borders in my garden
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