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Around the Summer House part one

Good evening!

I have spent the past couple of days in my garden planting lots of summer bulbs and giving the garden a general weed and tidy. Which got me thinking of all the plans I have for my garden and how I haven't really shown you much of our new garden. So before the hundred of bulbs I planted in the Autumn pop up and flower (fingers crossed) I thought I would share with you how part of my garden has changed since we first moved in...

We have a lovely sized garden but when we moved in it hadn't really been touched in years, if you scroll to the bottom you will see just what a mess it was! The previous occupants had emptied the fireplace including rubbish around the garden and the weeds had been left to take over. I started with the Summer house, giving it a good clean and then painting the inside and out, adding decorative touches like the hanging baskets. Then it was onto the boring but satisfying clearing and weeding which took ages! From there I removed the two old paths that had almost virtually been covered in grass and laid the stones in front of the summer house to give it a little patio and in between the greenhouse and old greenhouse base. Then came the fun part, filling in the old paths and reseeding the lawn up to the decorative edging I added to give some order to what I was trying to achieve. I emptied all my old plants in pots that I had brought from our old garden in to my new clean weed free borders and greenhouse base which I have turned into a fruit & herb garden. Grew a bunch of blue and purple flowers from seeds in my greenhouse some of which I added to my new borders others I potted up in my newly emptied old pots...

This year I am planning on adding way more flowers to the borders so they are a riot of purple, blue and white flowers. Clearing and weeding more areas of the garden, oh and we have just purchased a new shed to replace the old one that is almost falling down! Yay! I can't wait to makeover our new shed!

Have a great weekend! and fingers crossed it is dry tomorrow as I really want to get out in the garden!

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Summer house
Hanging basket.jpg
Hanging birdcage
Summer House
Outside the Summer house
Spray painted hanging basket
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Garden - Before
Summer House -before
Garden before
Garden fence before
Summer House - Before
Summer House - before
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