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Real Treasure Box

Looking for Vintage Christmas tree decorations? Then you have to check out Real Treasure Box on Etsy run by Olga.

"My name is Olga. I was born in USSR. And I like vintage things from Soviet era.
Each of items in my shop is a real treasure because each of them is a rarity and does not manufactured anymore. I hope you will like my shop and you'll find your own real treasure here."

She has so many beautiful vintage Christmas tree decorations that it was hard to choose just four to share with you today. In the end I picked silver and golden glass pine cones from the 1970s-1980s. A beautiful soviet glass Christmas ornament in the shape of a pink cosmonaut from the 1960s-1970s. Hot pink, silver and turquoise pinecones from the 1970's-1980's. I love the pretty patina they all have on them...

I love them for...

Decorative Accessories

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