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Fanni Williams

Who is Fanni Williams?

• I am a girl with a creative soul. A visual artist and storyteller.
• I am a natural light photographer and a graphic designer.
• I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design (Honours) + Diploma in Photography.
• I see the beauty in the ordinary and I am often inspired by the littlest things.
• I am a romantic at heart and love to hear about and capture peoples stories.
• I am the one who often wanders the pavements with my head in the clouds.
• I have a multitude of nicknames, one of them being the Fonz.
• I am lucky to have lived in Hungary, South Africa and New Zealand by the age of 21.
• I am now based in London, United Kingdom.
• I am married to the most wonderful man who means the world to me.
• I have a wacky sense of humour and often laugh till I cry.
• I am a lean, mean baking machine.
• I have a mild obsession with all things polka-dot and striped.
• I have a vivid imagination. I can’t watch scary movies cos I won’t sleep for a week.
• I have ‘unofficially’ been crowned ‘The Face Pulling Queen’ & yes…
• I am the one who eats ice cream in winter.
• I am… me.

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