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Bunny jars


Up-cycling & recycling is hot right now and is a great way to make craft projects from objects that otherwise would be trashed. My favourite upcycled craft is my pretty bunny jars that have been pinned & repinned thousands of times! But I also love the cute tin cans wrapped in pretty paper which I use to store my pencils, pens and brushes in.

My favourite craft supply to use in up-cycling & recycling is spray paint. After a bit of practice and patience it is amazing what a new coat of paint can do to something!

Latest tutorial...

DIY Cloud shaped cushion
Cloud Shaped Cushion Tutorial

This past Christmas I made my youngest nephew Daniel a bunch of weather inspired cushions, today...

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Greatest Adventure Clouds Fabric
Greatest Adventure Clouds Fabric

My youngest nephew Daniel loves all things weather related so this past Christmas I made him a...