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Torie Jayne's Stylish Home Sewing

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Torie Jayne's Stylish Home Sewing

Torie has created over 35 projects for you to make, to bring some of her style to your home. The kitchen chapter includes table linen, a bread basket ... the bedroom chapter features an eye mask, a padded headboard... The entrance hall chapter includes square storage boxes, fabric and oilcloth bags... The garden chapter showcases projects such as a garden kneeler, a polka-dot tool belt... Every project is in fresh, appealing colours, and reflects Torieʼs sewing expertise, as well as her eye for patterns.

Latest tutorial...

DIY Cloud shaped cushion
Cloud Shaped Cushion Tutorial

This past Christmas I made my youngest nephew Daniel a bunch of weather inspired cushions, today...

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Latest notebook...

Greatest Adventure Clouds Fabric
Greatest Adventure Clouds Fabric

My youngest nephew Daniel loves all things weather related so this past Christmas I made him a...