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Madam Stoltz

"There has never been a big masterplan behind Madam Stoltz. Instead, the driving forces have been creativity, fantasy and an adventurous mind. Combined with a deep fascination of the Asian style of living and the ability to seize the opportunities popping up when on the move.

It all began in the early 1990´s with a young Danish woman, Pernille Stoltz. In order to finance her Asian journey, Pernille bought jewelleries at flea markets in India and sold the same to tourists on the beaches in Greece."

In 2002, Pernille and her husband Peter, decided to move to Pernille´s native island, Bornholm – in the middle of the Baltic Sea, together with their 2 young daughters. The couple is now running Madam Stoltz in a partnership. Pernille is the designer and responsible for the contact to the suppliers in India and China. Peter is looking after the logistics and the finances.

”I travel to India minimum 4 times yearly – and I always return full of inspiration – India has become my second home”.

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