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Liquiproof was founded by Caner Veli, who was tired of having his shoes ruined by weather and accidental spills. He looked for something that could help but didn't have much luck. He wanted something that actually worked, was affordable, easy to apply and lasted longer than two weeks. He knew of other hydrophobic sprays on the market but these contained harmful substances and left a visible white residue on the surface. Nothing lived up to his requirements – so he set out to fill the gap in the market for a reliable footwear protector himself.
After a long period of research and development, Liquiproof was born in 2011. Caner continued to develop the product and in Jan 2014 launched the brand to the world. Within a short amount of time the product received much praise and quickly became recognised as the leading protector on the market.
Currently providing protection for footwear and furnishings, they are continuing to develop the range of products that help in everyday life whilst preserving the environment with non-hazardous and non-toxic protection formulas. Their aim is to keep people looking smart and feeling good everyday, while saving them money with the use of this remarkable technology.

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