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Lene Bjerre

Lene Bjerre Design has been established for now 40 years along the blue Limfjorden in Jutland. The fascination of the changeable nature and change in seasons is an endless inspiration to the creative team and it plays a tremendous part in giving their fashionable products their own distinctive marks.

"Back in 1975, Lene Bjerre started out making hand-pleated lamp shades from beautiful, classical wallpaper remnants and gift paper. The quality and originality of the lamp shades made them very saleable. In the 70s and 80s the interior design business was just beginning to develop and Lene Bjerre was a pioneer, who put all her creativity and willpower into creating one of the leading companies within the Danish home furnishing and lifestyle business.

After a change of management in 2006, the company stays true to its original spirit. With new strength and new ideas, we add more to our extensive collection which contains everything you may wish for your home – beautiful cushions, tablecloths, tableware, cutlery, lamps, candles, candlesticks and tea lights, bath room accessories, towels, cosmetic bags, flower pots, rugs, Christmas decorations and lots more. With Lene Bjerre Design’s unique, Scandinavian style you can create a personal atmosphere in your home.

Overlooking the beautiful Limfjorden we will continue our dedicated work to preserve the dynamics and continuity of the company’s development and, with that, maintain Lene Bjerre Design’s leading position as a supplier of exceptional home and lifestyle products."

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