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Tom Joule started Joules in 1989 after learning the ropes in his father Ian's clothing shop. Tom started off by selling polo shirts at country fairs.

These weren't your average polo shirts; they had velvet trims, intense colour combinations, and large numbers on the back. From the outset they were a hit with the clean-living country types that go to these shows and Tom quickly built up a customer database. So, when foot and mouth struck in 2001, and the shows were cancelled, he had enough names and addresses to launch a mail order business - Joules.

Joules introduced childrens clothing in 2003 and launched their first catalogue. In 2004 they launched their online store. In 2006 they introduced their new logo, a hare which can be seen jumping, sitting, leaping and running across their branded range of products.

I love them for their brightly coloured wellies and home products.

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