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Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is a UK brand of chocolate whose mantra has always been ‘More Cocoa, Less Sugar’. Their house-grade milk chocolates are 40% and 50% cocoa, and even their white chocolate is 36% cocoa, well above the average. A decadently high cocoa content means that it takes just a smaller portion to satisfy a chocolate craving. The smooth, creamy flavour lingers on while the cocoa makes you feel focused, energised and on top of the world.

A Bite-Sized History of Hotel Chocolat

We started selling chocolates online, becoming one of the UK’s earliest ever ‘e-tailers’, predating the likes of Amazon and eBay.

The Chocolate Tasting Club is created – a vast community of chocolate tasters who receive unique selections each month.

The first-ever Hotel Chocolat shop opens!

To realise their dream of becoming cocoa farmers, Angus and Peter buy a beautiful 250-year-old cocoa plantation in Saint Lucia – Rabot Estate.

Hotel Chocolat’s first cafe opens in London’s Borough Market, serving a range of innovative cocoa-centred food and drinks. It quickly becomes popular.
We launch the world’s first ‘Chocolate Bond’ to fund our development. We raise £4.2 million from enthusiastic supporters, who receive their interest paid in our chocolate!

Boucan, our luxury hotel, restaurant and spa, opens on our cocoa plantation in Saint Lucia, to huge acclaim. People start flying in from New York for the food.

Hotel Chocolat is voted the UK’s ‘most advocated’ British brand. We love you too!

London and Leeds are chosen as homes for our two new restaurants, Rabot 1745 and Roast+Conch, bringing the cocoa plantation experience to Britain.
Our relaunched website opens a stunning new window into our online world.
Our resident chocolatiers start making chocolates fresh in our cocoa bar-cafés.

The School of Chocolate at Cocoa Vaults opens in Covent Garden, offering a world of chocolate adventures and experiences.
Copenhagen sees the launch of two brand new stores, powered by a second Chocolate Bond launch and you, our loyal customers!

Our first cookbook, A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate, is published, giving a unique insight into the award-winning dishes from our restaurants and allowing you to make them at home.
The School of Chocolate opens its doors at our Copenhagen City store, offering new chocolate adventures and experiences to our customers in Denmark.
Our first West End store opens on Regent Street.
Our first ‘refuel station’ café opens in Cambridge. It sets a trend that we later roll out across all of our cafés: there’s a Chocolate Whip Bar, Fuel-Up Station with brownies and snacks, Selector Library and our flavour-matched selection of hot drinks.

We are honoured with several new Awards, including three Golds from The Academy of Chocolate.

And the story continues…

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