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Elho is a successful Dutch family company, specializing in the development, production, marketing and sales of plastic plant pots.

They have great green credentials; 45% of their material is recycled. Their packaging is recyclable and made out of recycled materials too. They drive electric cars and their trucks run on biogas, to make the transport of their goods and employees as little a burden for the environment as possible.

Elho Pots are functional, beautiful products that come in a host of colours from pretty pastels to sophisticated neutrals. Elho Pots are designed to give your plants just the right amount of drainage, ensuring they flourish in all weather conditions. Thanks to a built-in water reservoir, plants keep their looks without needing constant watering. From troughs to flower bridges, you’ll find an Elho Pot to suit your garden’s design and add an element of originality to your space.

Elho plant pots are available worldwide.


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