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Chic Antique

I recently discovered another beautiful Danish brand, Chic Antique...

"Chic Antique is a woman's passion for the unique as a dream developed into a business.

The dream started on a hot summer day in the south of France, but not by the sea where most tourists are. This woman went to the countryside and to the small villages where you still find the past. At the flea markets, an old French tradition, you still find the most beautiful things - beautiful things that look like they did in the past. The uniqueness cannot be erased by time!

This is where Chic Antique was born. Old beautiful things deserve a future and this was the beginning.

Today Chic Antique has a broad selection of interior, furniture and decorations which upholds the "Chic Antique" style. The style is both unique and rustic mixed with French romance."

I love them for...

Decorative Accessories
Living Room

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