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Blend Fabrics

Blend is a high-end design company that supplies licensed designed fabric collections to independent retailers worldwide.

"Blend is a collective of many artists work, a mixture of styles, and a celebration of talent. A high-end textile design company that supplies fabrics and licensed designs to major retailers, independent retailers and e-commerce retailers worldwide.

A true tribute to talent, Blend’s artists represent both well-known designers and some of the world’s best-kept secrets. With unique, fashion forward design aesthetics, each artist brings an all-encompassing approach to the marketplace with a fresh, on-trend design perspective.

Blend is the brand new licensing division of Anna Griffin Inc. expressly designed to reach new product categories while promoting talented artists from around the world. A blend of artistry and business, this symbiotic relationship has all the components for success. A licensing division with an Anna Griffin design perspective blends 18 years of successful product development and design with a truly dynamic mix of world-renowned talent."

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