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My First Baking Book by Cico Kidz

Author...  Cico Kidz
Publisher...  Cico Books
Release date...  July, 2012
Price...  £9.99
My Review... 

Back in the Summer I visited the Kirstie Allsopp fair with my Mum and of course we had to check out the Cico and Rylands & Peters stand to see all the lovely books they had to offer (and to sign my books! ) My Mum really liked the 'My First Baking Book', published by CICO Books. She thought her eldest grandchild, (my eldest niece) would love it so I thought wouldn't it be great for her to help me with the review!

"Cook up a storm with My First Baking Book! Learn how to make tasty dishes that teach simple baking skills with these 35 brilliant recipes. Divided into four chapters, every recipe has a skill level - 1, 2 or 3 - and comes with easy-to-read instructions and adorable, step-by-step artworks that will guide you along the way. Start with Delicious Dough, where you'll make mini pizzas, pesto rolls and cinnamon buns. Then try the recipes in Perfect Pastry with sweet and savoury pies and tarts, plus cheese straws and apple strudel. Head to Savoury Meals and Snacks for scrumptious bites, such as baked risotto, chorizo and cheese muffins and tasty bread tarts. Finally, have a go at the Sweet Treats - from peanut butter cakes to baked alaska and raspberry shortcake. In addition, the basic techniques section will teach you all you need to know about working in the kitchen, including all the safety guidelines to follow, so you'll soon become a baking expert!"

So a couple of weeks back when I went to visit my Mum I showed Molly who was staying at Nana's for the day, the book, she loved it!. "Please can we make something now!", I of course agreed and asked her to pick something she wanted to make and we would check and see if Nana had the ingredients. As she went through the recipes Grandpa chimed in with "we have lots of carrots" so she decided to make carrot muffins. But as her Mummy like me is gluten intolerant she insisted we make them gluten free, so we just swapped the self raising flour for gluten free self raising flour.

Molly tuned six in August and was able to read all the instructions starting with the prep, so she washed her hands, let me tie back her hair and wore my Holly Hobby apron I had as a little girl. Ingredients were found, the only sticking point here was she couldn't read the "dessicated" part of coconut but was good with all the rest. Following the recipe and clearly drawn instructions she chopped, peeled and grated the carrots, she was so pleased how she could look at the pictures and see exactly how it should be done! When it came to beating the mix she was determined to do it all herself, but after a good 15mins agreed that as she had to leave soon to go to 'Rainbows' we would get out Nanas electric beater for the remainder. Before leaving, she had finished making the muffins and left me to put them in the oven. On arriving back from 'Rainbows' she handed out her carrot muffins and was so pleased that she along with the recipients loved her Gluten free carrot muffins!

Our verdict " a great first baking book that is easy to read and understand" that is full of recipes from sweet to savoury, everyday to occasions. She for one couldn't wait to make more from the book and told Daddy when he came to pick her up that she would be making him pizza very soon!

'My First Baking Book', edited by Susan Akass, images © CICO Books, published by CICO Books.

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Some Of My Favourite Shots...

My First Baking Book, edited by Susan Akass, images © CICO Books, published by CICO Books
My First Baking Book, edited by Susan Akass, images © CICO Books, published by CICO Books
My First Baking Book, edited by Susan Akass, images © CICO Books, published by CICO Books
Cico Kidz My First Baking Book 3-01
Molly baking
Making Carrot Muffins by Molly
Molly Baking Carrot Muffins
Molly's Ingredients

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