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Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt

Author...  Christina Strutt
Photography By...  Simon Brown
Publisher...  CICO Books
Release date...  March, 2014
Price...  £25.00
About the author... 

Christina Strutt is the founder of country-chic lifestyle store, Cabbages & Roses, started in 2008, and Christina worked in interior design and styling before that. I chose this book as I love Cabbage & Roses' style, which is nostalgic, romantic and subtly eccentric and I loved her Home-made Vintage book!

My Review... 

Living Life Beautifully is a beautiful hard back book that shows how Christina Strutt's iconic style and ethos of beauty, simplicity, longevity, integrity and sustainability have been put into practice around her own home and work spaces and those of a number of artists who share a love of Cabbage & Roses. From an urban apartment to a country house, Christina shows how easy it is to live life beautifully.

The book is split into eight chapters, starting with "Talking shop" where you learn how Christina Strutt started her iconic brand Cabbages & Roses and how it is a complete extension of her own life. Accompanied by inspiring photographs of her shop and scenic shots of her inspiration we learn why she called it Cabbages & Roses and how she is inspired by her own garden as well as the natural world.

Chapter two, titled "Odds and ends" is where we visit the enchanted forest where Brigette and her husband Robin Buchanan, run their company Odd Limited. The photographs of their home and work space are indeed enchanting and I love that we find out more about what their business is and how they name their fabrics after the children, whose picture in turn, decorate the interior of the house.

From there we go on to chapter three "Floral Tribute", where we visit the London Mews home of Violet Buchanan, who is Christina Strutt's design assistant and protegee at Cabages & Roses. Her home is full of pretty swathes of Cabbage & Roses prints and it is lovely to see how she has brought her own interpretation of Cabbages & Roses style to life.

In chapter 4 "All the world's a stage" we visit the home of art director Angus Buchanan, son of Brigette & Robin, brother of Violet. A basement apartment that was a wreck when he and his girlfriend Charlotte bought it, but now is a home that clearly shows Angus's eye for detail and is a refreshingly modern take on Cabbage & Roses style.

"Plain truths" is where we visit the home of Maurenn Doherty, owner of Egg, the Knightsbridge shop much lauded for it's rare coalition of the spartan with the profoundly luxurious.

Chapter Six, "Of fantasy and fairy tale" we visit the Somerset home of Natalie Meyers, artist and ex principal dancer with the San Francisco ballet. Her home as the title of this chapter suggests, is full of fairy-tale inspired interiors.

In chapter seven, "Cottage industry", we visit Brook Cottage, the Somerset Country home of Christina Strutt. Here we get to see her array of vintage crockery, a fairy light lit fireplace, rustic string tied curtains in Cabbage & Roses fabric, rustic applique cushions and jam jars of buttons.

The last chapter "London Calling" we visit Christina's London home, a London apartment with the prettiest of gardens. Here we see a lovely array of vignettes of beaded flowers, pretty glass baubles and vases of beautiful blooms. Walls decorated with vintage bird cages and ceramic plates and of course more Cabbage & Roses prints.

At a recommended retail price of £25.00, it is a beautiful book that is both a pleasure to read and a delight for the eyes...

Some Of My Favourite Shots...

Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt
Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt
Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt
Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt
Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt

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