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Pinterest Super Pinners

Good afternoon. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I was super busy getting ready to show you the next stages of my blog, which I am super excited about but still have loads left to do! Which brings me nicely on to the Amara blog awards where Torie Jayne has been nominated for 'Best Designed Blog'. If you agree, please vote for me at the Interior Blog Awards page Torie Jayne.

Is that you in the main photo? Yes. I know, I know, not something I have ever really shared. Hmm! This is an exception...

On Thursday the 18th September I headed up to Hampton Court, full of nerves with a wee bit of excitement. You see, the following day I would be getting up on Kirstie Allsopp's stage in the Super Theatre at the Handmade Fair as a Pinterest Super Pinner!

I had kept it pretty secret as I was worried I wouldn't live up to the title Super Pinner! I mean, what if I got up on stage and tripped or even worse completely lost my voice or had a brain freeze! I kept assuring myself that I had presented to hundreds of people more times that I could care to count as a fashion designer, presenting new collections, trends. etc and I was never that bad! Or was I?!?

Gulp! But I love Pinterest and with over 68,000 followers at time of writing this, I must be doing something right. Yes? I love Pinterest.

I love creating boards, collaborating ideas, and spending hours discovering new creative blogs, artists, bakers, and blogs that are written so well you hang on every word! I have been on Pinterest since it launched back in 2010 in the US and have spent many a time waxing lyrical to colleagues, friends, and anyone else that would listen about how great Pinterest is! I have introduced my hairdresser to it, my neighbours to it, and in fact dedicated pages to it in my first book, "Craft, Show & Sell".

So how hard could it be? Gulp! On the sunny Friday I arrived at the entrance of the Handmade Fair and made my way to the green room. Past all the colourful hanging pom poms, tents full of pretty crafty treasures, through the aroma of sweet treats, and crafters putting the final touches to their stands. I arrived at the Green Room, which was a beautifully decorated marquee. Think colourful paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling, big comfy leather sofas, super stylish coffee table books casually placed on tables, and decorative rugs on the floor. The best bit... the fabulous Kirstie Allsopp looking gorgeous in a floral hair band, navy wrap dress, and red wedges decorated with pom poms.

I met with the fab girls from Pinterest and the lovely other Super Pinners, Zoe from Craft Candy and Elizabeth from Rosalilium. We whiled away the time discussing crafts, home renovations, and Pinterest of course!

My nerves started to come back while we were getting mic'ed up and chatting to Kirstie before we were introduced on to the stage. Once on stage, we had a great discussion about all things Pinterest and took some really interesting questions at the end. Breathe...

After a lovely lunch with the girls (I had gluten free quiche - you don't know how happy I am to say that, and with lots of food stalls with gluten free options I was glad I didn't have to be the difficult one!), I wandered round the beautiful fair, catching up with old favourites and finding new treasures. I managed to buy a few craft supplies and caught up with Frances of The Maker's Atelier, home of the most stylish dress patterns and unique making-experiences, who kindly took the main photo above.

I headed back home, thankful for such a great opportunity.

Later this week I will introduce you to some of my favourite stalls from the Handmade Fair.


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