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Torie Jayne shortlisted for The Amara Interior blog awards

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to tell you that Torie has made the shortlist for 'Best Designed Blog' at The Amara Interior Design Blog Awardsand I really couldn't be more thrilled! I came to the party a little late as I had been so snowed under with work that I missed the email telling me I had been nominated; with one week left to go on the voting I asked for your help. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, as it is down to all your lovely votes that Torie Jayne got shortlisted! And, of course, a big thank you to the lovely person that nominated Torie Jayne in the first place.

I am so thrilled to be shortlisted for 'Best Designed Blog', not just for myself but also for my partner (a computer programmer), who has tirelessly worked with me on the design, look, and feel of my new home here at Torie Our vision was to create a website where I could quickly and easily write blog posts and you, the reader, could quickly find what you were looking for. That the content would cross reference intelligently, and I could share exactly where I buy everything from. I also wanted to make sure the look of it matched what you would expect from Torie Jayne: pretty and pastely...

We started work on Torie about this time last year, just after we moved into our new house. We started with a whole bunch of ideas, designing it all in Adobe Illustrator, and then we started whittling down the designs and concept. I totally underestimated just how long it would take me to design all the elements, including colour swatches and icons, and how long it would take to move the old content over into the new format. I honestly thought that if I tried really hard I would be able to get it out for the beginning of the year. Before we knew it it was March, which is when we made the difficult decision to just go with what we had and continue adding and improving on it...

Like adding the new 'Style' section in, and allowing you to scroll through all the blog posts via publishing date using the pager and arrows at the bottom of the latest posts on the main pages. At times I have struggled along the way and felt that we had made it too 'corporate', but with the new improvements of late it is beginning to feel like home; a really nice cosy home that is super organized!

I am also delighted to tell you that we are now only days away from sharing the new 'Decorate' section where you will be able to see all the photos from my old house, including before, during, and after and start sharing what we are doing with our new house...

I have only one regret about moving my blog from Blogspot to a dot com and that is that I cannot move all your lovely, encouraging, supportive comments. Please know that they are what has made me love blogging and will continue to spur me on to give you the very best website I can.

Thanks for being here
Lots of love


Hello! I am Torie Jayne. This is my blog about all things pretty and creative, from shabby chic interiors to gluten-free baking, via decorative crafts and stylish boutiques.

Torie Jayne photo by Sussie Bell


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