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Gluten free cherry & almond vanilla cupcakes


I love making and decorating gluten free cupcakes because if I don't make cupcakes, I can't eat them!

Of all the gluten free baking I do I find cupcakes the quickest and easiest sweet treats to bake, plus I love decorating them. Over the years I have adjusted and tried to perfect my gluten free cupcake recipes and am always delighted when my other half exclaims " You can't tell these are gluten free!".

Latest recipe...

Gluten free strawberry & white chocolate chip cookie recipe
Gluten Free Strawberry & White Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Last week I shared my gluten free raspberry and dark chocolate chip cookies using Waitrose Cooks...

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Latest notebook...

Micro eggs
Micro Chocolate Eggs

I love these tiny Micro chocolate eggs from Tesco and usually buy at least one bag a year to use...

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