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Making Fondant flowers


Over the many years I have been baking, coupled with having a Mum who was a home economics teacher, I have picked up a few baking techniques along the way, from using fondant icing to make decorations, to tempering (that's melting) chocolate so it stays shiny and glossy.

This section of my new website is where I hope to share these tips and techniques so you can all get the benefit. I, of course, also would welcome any suggestions, tips and techniques you have so please feel free to leave me lots of comments! x

Latest recipe...

Pina Colada fudge recipe 5
Pina Colada Fudge Recipe

Happy Valentine's Day! Several years ago I made a whole bunch of cocktail inspired cupcakes,...

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Latest notebook...

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Micro Chocolate Eggs

I love these tiny Micro chocolate eggs from Tesco and usually buy at least one bag a year to use...